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Onsdag 14.04.2004 19:59:50

Name: Ola
Homepage: http://www.zachcianek.

Hello! Nice wenb site and lovely PONs:D I have occassion to see Neo in show in Vilnius and she is very nice. Best greetings for you and your dogs!

Tirsdag 13.04.2004 19:46:40

Name: Alexandra Müller
E-mail: alexundbartnik@t-online. de
Homepage: http://www.pon-bartnik .de

Hello, many thanks for your GB-signing for a few minutes. I was online so I saw it directly and now here I am. You have a new layout, it it true? It looks very, very nice. Something I can find directly and there are beautiful PONs and superfotos. I like them a lot! Many greetings from Alexandra and PON Buddy (are you interesting to exchange our links?) ;) :)